How to add a gradient in Illustrator

14 November 5, 2020by Categories IllustratorThe Gradients

are great effects, and can add a nice touch of depth or style to your illustration or logo – but how is it done?

In this short tutorial we will cover the basics of adding and refining a gradient within Adobe Illustrator.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the gradient window, by choosing Window > Gradient from the top menu
  2. Select an object you want to apply a color gradient to
  3. Choose the color swatch of the gradient in the gradient window, or apply the gradient using the keyboard shortcut
  4. Customize color, opacity and gradient angle in the gradient window

Quick Tip:

If you first save your desired colors in the Swatches window, you can quickly apply those color swatches to your gradients.

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